General Comment: In Datab, the maximum potential number of cells in a table is 16,777,216. There is a another version with a limit of 2.1 billion cells available. It is included with the UNIX versions, (labeled Databd) and can be obtained for the PC version.

PC Version 2.0 Released July 1996, Version 2.11 is now available for free to registered users. Version 2.11 includes the following changes:

Problems fixed:

New Features Available:

TCHECK varlist [; [TO fname] [HEADER] [FROM lotime] [UNTIL hitime]] @

where varlist is a list of up to 50 covariates (increased from 10) to be written; fname is the name of a file that will contain the ouput. The file will include an Epicure command header if you specify the HEADER option. If output is written to a file it will not be written to the screen. (This will save considerable time.) The FROM and UNTIL subcommands are used to limit the output to those risk sets with failure times in the specified range.

When the data are written to a file, the format is designed to make it easy to input the data into other programs, e.g. Pecan for exact analyses of tied failure times. The output includes: the riskset number (SETNO), a case control indicator (CC), and the current time (%time) as well as the data that you choose to write.

If you would like to receive version 2.10, please send us email us at hirosoft@hirosoft.com

Last updated October 12, 1999

UNIX Version 2.10 for the Sun and Dec Alpha

Version 2.10 was released for Sun and Dec Alpha workstations on October 8, 1998.

Version 2.04 is now available for the HP.

Known Bugs:

Problem fixed:

Problem on the Dec Alpha only

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