Platforms and Prices for epicure

All prices include GMBO, PECAN, PEANUTS, AMFIT and DATAB.

epicure 2.10 is available for the Personal Computer. It is a MS-DOS application that runs under Windows, Win95, Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows 2000. It is shipped on 3 3.5" floppy diskettes.

epicure 2.10 is available on the following UNIX systems. It is shipped on an 8mm tape, 3 PC formatted floppy disks or by arrangements for an ftp transfer:

UNIX Prices are:

Other items:

Extra manual sets: $50. each

Relationship between size of data sets and amount of memory on your machine:

epicure runs well on large data sets and uses dynamic memory. This means that you can change the size of the workspace. The largest data set that you can analyze depends on the amount of memory available on your machine. The product of the number of variables and the number of records determines how much workspace is needed in the regression programs: GMBO, PECAN, PEANUTS and AMFIT. In DATAB, the amount of workspace needed is a function of the number of non-empty cells in the table being created. Some guidelines for PC's are 4 MB of RAM: workspace of 500,000 words; 16 MB of RAM: workspace of 2,500,000 words.

Shipping information:

Airmail shipping within the USA is included in the prices. Federal Express shipping in the USA and Canada is $40.  Ground shipping by UPS to Canada is $10.  International Airmail shipping using the national postal services is $40. It takes 1-3 weeks. Federal Express International is $75.

Payment Terms and Options:

All sales are in US dollars. We accept Visa, Mastercard, checks, money orders, institutional purchase orders, and payment by wire transfer. For payment by wire transfer please add $10. If you need wire instructions, please send us email. If you are sending a EuroCheque, (these do not have the squarish magnetic numbers on the bottom), please add $25, since these are not readily accepted by US banks. Our terms for purchase orders are net 30 days.

To place an order:

Please contact us to get an order form. Please include your fax number and we will get it to as soon as we can. Send us email us at

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